Our Agricultural Steel buildings are ideal for most farm applications. Use them to store all your heavy equipment, tractors, feed, or even house your farm animals such as horses. Also known as Metal Lean Buildings or Horse Barns, these metal units are designed with 3 sections combined to make units up to 70’ wide. The center building is typically taller in height with two lean-tos attached to the legs of the main building. Our Agricultural buildings come in four different roof styles: Standard, A-Frame Vertical, A-Frame Horizontal, and Hexagon.

These Metal Barns can also be used off the ranch. These three combined units are great for people with multiple vehicles that range in size. For example, you can protect your classic car on one lean to, your boat on the other lean to, and your Motor Home in the center section. We can customize your steel structure to fit your everyday storage needs. We can configure these buildings with a wide variety of openings, doors, and windows.

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