Hexagon Style buildings are truly a genuine American classic style building.  Here at American Steel Carports, we specialize in the manufacturing of this special design. The Hexagon style building is perfect for storing heavy machinery, RV’s/Motor homes, boats, or even serve as a protective housing for livestock. What sets this from the other buildings is the 6-sided roof design, and the inside height of the building gives you more roof clearance than regular carports.  With the Hexagon style building, it is required that your sides be enclosed, but you can choose from a closed or open gable end. You can have if fully enclosed with a drive through opening or choose from our 2 styles of garage doors roll up & overhead. Our roll up and overhead doors come in a variety of sizes ranging from a single door to a double door. We also have walk-in doors and windows available. Choose from our 12 different color options at no additional cost.

To price a hexagonal style roof is simple. Simply add the cost in the table for the regular building you are interested in.

(Please Note: Sides must be enclosed in order to get the hexagonal roof style)